dreamo.dan here! I'm a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, ON.
I enjoy creating a variety of artworks from painterly sceneries to detailed character work. I also have an excessive love for tea, sleeping, and all things warm and cozy.


Sleepless Night in Flowers

Digital painting done in Procreate.


A summer challenge where I drew something out of my comfort zone: a lot of items in detail in a "cluttercore" aesthetic.This piece is inspired by one of my original characters who is a witch hatmaker's apprentice. A quaint scene of her diligently working in the back of the shop.Digital painting done in Procreate.

Glowing Lotus

Digital painting done in Procreate.Sketch swap!Sketch by milomei
Colour and rendering by me

A Peaceful Moment

A tranquil scene that comes to mind when I'm thinking of the "forest."Digital painting done in Procreate.

Wielding Water

Digital painting done in Procreate.


Yotsuba and Kitties

Digital postcard done in Procreate.


Lucky Dino Postcard Set

A little story told in three postcards about a young dino on a mission to find a four-leaf clover, inspired by my own little trip trying to find one while on a walk in a lakeshore park.A very cute narrative assignment from school! Wait a couple of seconds to view and read each postcard :)Digital paintings done in Procreate.

Jamais Vu

A 3 page comic following a bittersweet romance between a moon spirit and her human lover.